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Are you looking for friends who can help you deepen your faith? Are you looking for a community that will be there with you through the good and the bad? Friends who know how to chill, and how to be adventurous? Then you've come to the right place! Being a Young Adult is a weird time in life. You can be jumping right into college, or in a career, or starting a family. Finding community during this time of life transition is critical and we're here to be a part of that journey! 

Our Summer Series

This Summer our Series is focused on what it's time
to do. There are a lot of things we wait for the right time
to pursue but what if that time is now? How do we know?
Over the course of 5 weeks we'll be covering topics like
Calling, Serving, dating and bridging the gap. We hope
you'll join us!

A message from Pastor Chris & Pastor Mike!

If you're back from school, or are just looking to build some community over the summer then join us! Starting June 2nd we're having our big summer kick off at Circle Lanes! We'd love to meet you. Also starting June 6th we'll be starting our Summer Session where Pastor Chris will be giving a message series all about the ways we are called to GO. We pray you'll join us!

Welcome to Young Adults!

Our hope is that through young adults you will find Freedom, discover purpose, and enjoy community. We can't wait to get to know you more! 

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