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Pastors , Staff, & Elder Board

Meet the Grace Team

Our staff is a fun-loving group with a passion for pursuing God.
Everything they do, they do with everything they have.
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Cameron Baker, Sr. 

Associate Pastor

Cameron is the primary communicator at our First Wednesday Worship.  Serves as part of our Teaching Team on Sunday mornings.  He is responsible for pastoral care and pastoral counseling at Grace Church.  Helps to coordinate our recovery ministries: "Uplift", "DivorceCare", "GriefShare", "Stephen Ministry", Peer Spiritual Counseling, and others.

Scott McCrea

Campus Pastor- Randolph 

Scott is the Campus Pastor of our Randolph Campus, and he ministers wholeheartedly to them.  He is also in charge of our Small Group ministries where he helps to connect people to our Bible Studies that meet. He guides our Church at Home Ministry where people can host church from the comforts of their home.

Reuben Scheeringa

Associate Pastor

Reuben is the pastor of our Young Adult Ministries and the Director of our Student Ministries. He works closely with Chris and Mike as they lead the youth to have deeper relationships with Christ. He also, ministers to 1825 (our Young Adult Ministry) as these individuals navigate their faith in conjunction with adulthood.

Chris Carpio

Campus Youth Pastor- Netcong 

Chris is one of our Campus Youth Pastors, and the campus he makes as his base of operations is our Netcong Campus. He works closely with Mike and Reuben as the the three of them collaborate together to lead the youth as they pursue Christ. He always has a camera in hand which he uses to channel his creativity as our graphics guy.

Mike Vecchio

Campus Youth Pastor- Randolph

Mike is one of our Campus Youth Pastors, and the campus where he focuses his ministry the most at is our Randolph Campus. He works closely with Chris and Reuben as the three of them join forces to find ways to connect with the youth and guide them as they grow deeper in their faith.


Tim Leonard

Executive Director

Tim  is the one that keeps us going. Making sure all the areas are functioning and that all goals are met. This guy ensures that Grace is always working towards the future.  He also oversees Missions and is a member of the Men's Ministry Leadership team.

Mary Ann Dundon

Administrative Assistant- Netcong 

An easier question would be "What doesn't Mary Ann do?" She is assistant to Armin and to whoever needs assistance! She is our receptionist as well as: our prayer chain keeper, poster of Facebook, emailer of Church news, and so much more!

Jody Hoffman

Administrative Assistant- Randolph

Jody is our receptionist at the Randolph Campus, and she does a phenomenal job scheduling all the events and groups that meet at the Randolph Campus during the week.  She is also the administrative assistant to Scott. Plus, she has candy by her desk which makes seeing her even more sweet!

Kenny Stearns

Director of Worship & Music

All things musical and worship related go through Kenny. He orchestrates our worship services from the recruiting of the worship team, the flow of the service itself, and to so much more. He is the one that makes sure that the service is running smoothly while always ensuring that God is our focus.

Alexa Stark

Director of Women's Ministry

Coordinator of Communications

Alexa is our Director of Women's Ministry, and she works with her team to create opportunities for the Women of Grace to not only connect with each other, but to connect with God in a deeper manner.  She also is our Communication Coordinator which means she handles our social media, our app, our website, and more!  

Janice Rodland

Coordinator of Children's Ministries

With a vision statement of "Raising up Generation of Families that are built to last" you can imagine that the work of Children's Ministry Coordinator is important, and it is! Janice and her team work to make sure that all the children that come to Grace learn about the Bible with lots of fun sprinkled in.

Debbie Tay

Birth thru Elementary Coordinator- Randolph

Debbie is part of the Children's Ministry team with her focus being at our Randolph Campus with children (Birth-5th Grade). She works closely with Janice and Melissa to develop Sunday School programs, recruit volunteers, and execute Children's Ministry events.

Melissa Randall

Elementary Coordinator- Netcong

Melissa is part of the Children's Ministry team with her focus being at our Netcong Campus with the Elementary school children ( Grades 1-5). She works closely with Janice and Debbie to develop Sunday School programs, recruit volunteers, and execute Children's Ministry events that are geared towards her ministry area.

Erica Schuhlein

Preschool Coordinator- Netcong

Erica is interning as part of the Children's Ministry team with her focus being at our Netcong Campus with the Preschool children ( Birth- 5 years). She works closely with Janice to develop Sunday School programs, recruit volunteers, and execute Children's Ministry events that are geared towards the youngest members of our church.

David Huron

Director of Production Technologies

All the technology behind our services is carefully monitored and curated by David. He is the master of our lighting, sound, projection, and all the behind the scenes work that goes into running our services and events.

Katia Gonzalez

Coordinator of Live-Stream

Do you like our online services? Well, that is all thanks to Katia! She is our live-stream coordinator as well as our video-producer. You can often find her behind the camera or on her computer editing our latest video projects.

Sarah DiMeo

Administrative Assistant- Netcong

Sarah is the assistant to the Youth Ministries Team as well as Pastor Cameron. She monitors our social media chats during our services, and is the steward of the Times of Grace, which is our wonderful news letter filled with everything that we are doing here (check it out), and  much more!

Ryan McCrea

Worship Ministry Assistant

With a heart for ministry and a passion for art and worship, Ryan's role is to organize, administrate, and support the ongoing activities of our worship ministry.  Her focus is that by doing what she does best, she can give the worship and tech directors more time to do what they do best!

Jamie Vitale

Financial Administrator

Jamie is our numbers woman! She handles all of the church finances along with her finance team. She also keeps track of all our stats and maintains them in our databases. If you have a numbers question, she is your woman!

Meet the Elder Board

"Here is a trustworthy saying:
Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task."
1 Timothy 3:1

Warren Lederer


Chris Kay


Cameron Baker

Jeff Busch

Ken Chapple

Bill Haucke

Chris Hawk

Tim Leonard

Al Milford

Scott Mulligan

Mike Roome

Jonathan Wong