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Senior pastor Search

What is Happening with the Senior Pastor Search?

Please read the below for all current updates about our Senior Pastor Search Process and how you can help us during this time. 

Why are we Looking for a Senior Pastor?

Our previous senior pastor, Armin Sommer, has retired. We will miss him dearly, but we are excited to see who God has chosen to lead us next! Therefore we are in the process of searching for pastor. 

What is the Search Process?

We are working with an Executive Search Firm called, Slingshot Group. They specialize in finding pastors and staff members for churches. Also, the Elder Board have commissioned a search team of 8 members of the church, The Search Team, to vet through all the applicants as well as interview potential candidates. There is an image below that outlines all the steps in the process. 

Where are we in the Search Process?

If you review the image below, you will see all the steps that have been completed, and what step we are currently on. We will keep updating this chart as progress is made. Right now, as you can see, we are currently in the interviewing phase, as we are meeting with potential candidates. 

How Long Before we call a Senior Pastor?

We do not know. The Search Team is being thorough, as well as, covering the whole process in prayer. We want to bring in the man that God has chosen to be the next senior pastor. We will have our senior pastor in His perfect timing.  Until we call the new senior pastor, our Associate Pastors and teaching team will be preaching each Sunday.  

How Can You Help?

We want and need this process to be covered in prayer!
Here are some areas that you can pray for us:

Pray for God's Will to be clear to all parties involved in the search.
Pray for the members of the Search Team.
Pray for the members of the Staff as they prepare for the new Senior Pastor.
Pray for the new Senior Pastor to be prepared for this new role.
Pray for Grace Church during this exciting time of change.

Thank you for all your prayers and your continued prayers!